End of Year News & Updates


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Thank you for another great school year! This one had some very unique challenges. We are so proud of our students and families for doing their best over the past few months! 


Please read on for important news and updates about winding down the school year and DES summer resources.


Return of Packets & “Raising a Reader” Bags


Packets can be dropped off at DES from June 8 through the 12th between 9 am and 4 pm. We will also be collecting Raising a Reader books/bags from PreK families. Parents, please be sure that your child’s name is on his/her work before you drop your items in the daily bin.


These bins will be unmanned so please place your items to return in the bin and secure the lid. To ensure the safety of our parents and staff, you do not need to notify the office that you have dropped off items as we will sort them after an appropriate period of time.


Borrowed technology devices will be returned at a later date. Please call the office with questions (410.479.1660).


Pick-Up of Student Personal Items


We will be returning student personal items, including yearbooks using this schedule. Please be patient when picking up items as we want to ensure that we are able to give you all of your child’s belongings and there may be some times which are busier than others.


June 16:

10 am until 6 pm: Come as your schedule suits


June 17:

10 am until 6 pm: Come as your schedule suits


We would like as many items as possible to be picked up on these two days. Thank you for your help with our return of your child’s personal items.


5th Grade Celebration


Fifth grade students will be allowed to pick up their personal items and receive some DES momentos on June 15 between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. You will not be allowed to leave your car; however, we will have a short “parade” through the school parking lot so your teachers can wave goodbye. Details will be shared with 5th grade parents.


Report Cards


Report cards will be mailed home this year after the close of the school year. Please expect a report card to be mailed around June 16.


Summer Meal Program


Please check the CCPS webpage for dates and locations for summer lunch distribution sites. This link has the most current information about 2020 meal services.


Summer Office Hours


Beginning June 26, the DES office will operate on summer hours which are as follows:

Monday through Thursday: 8:00 am until 4:30 pm;

Closed Fridays between June 26 through August 14, and July 2.